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SonicUnleashed Mobius

Mobius, split apart by Robotnik's cannon.

Mobius is the planet that Sonic Cyclone takes place on.  While the games never definitively name the planet as Mobius--some actually call it Earth--this name allows the separation of real life and the in-character world.  It is similar to Earth, but suffered a grand reordering after Robotnik split the earth into pieces.


Main article: Westopolis

Westopolis could be considered the capital of the world.  In truth, it is a huge city that sprawls over most of the continent it is on, connected to other continents with large roadways like the Radical Highway.  It has GUN facilities, large skyscrapers, and is even home to the quaint Station Square.

Station Square Edit

Main article: Station Square

Known mostly for its train station, Station Square has many distractions, including the Emerald Beach Hotel, Twinkle Park, and Casinopolis.

Northern Highlands Edit

To the far north, mountain ranges rings the tundra continent of Holoska.  While many of these peaks are haunted by ancient spirits, the mass of this area is a tourist trap, a place for Gearheads to race and for treasure hunters to explore.

The Pumpkin Mountains Edit

Main article: Pumpkin Mountains

The Pumpkin Mountains stretch across most of the western hemisphere of the Highlands.  Mysteriously, large areas of mountains have been carved into jack-o-lanterns, glowing eerily in the twilight.  While many more mountains exist that do not carry the signature face, the mountain range has been named after these enigmatic structures.  The foothills and valleys of this mighty range is dotted with flooded mines.

Rail Canyons Edit

Main article: Rail Canyons

Spanning for hundreds of miles, the Rail Canyon area is a large mesh of ancient riverbeds, dried up.  The ground is cracked and rugged, and odd rails intertwine across the landscape.  This is a very popular place for Extreme Gear junkies.

Holoska Edit

Main article: Holoska

Holoska is a large continent that surrounds the north pole.  Covered in thick ice, it is more oceanic than land, but the never-thinning ice sheets have carved and shifted large amounts of rock to form more firm islands of bedrock.  Few people live here.

Soleannan Wastes Edit

Main article: Soleanna

After the splitting of Mobius by Robotnik, the once prosperous country of Soleanna was reduced to ashes.  Where most of the geography was now sits a vast, lifeless crater, its surface split open in jagged ravines and crevasses.  Surrounding the crater is a large swath of dunes and canyonland, the Dusty Desert that eventually fades into the Rail Canyons.


Main article: Hrasia

Hrasia has a diverse geography.  It is the largest continent on Mobius.  The largest nation on the eastern continent is Hran, an Asian-type country spanning much of the coast.  Savannas run on the southern portion of the continent, with large jungles surrounded by the grasslands and deserts behind the Hranian mountain range.

Hran Edit

Main article: Hran

Hran is an Asia-like country that spans across most of the Eastern Continent's western coast. It is primarily rocky foothills and large, sprawling forests of bamboo. The ports of Hran are world famous, especially in its capital, Beilon. Hran is also home to many exotic cultures, including the Cybers.

Island Nations Edit

Adabat Edit

Main article: Adabat

Adabat is a small island that sits in the ocean between Westopolis and Hran, closer to the latter than the former.  Its jungles are filled with exotic creatures, but the local society exists entirely on wooden boardwalks splayed in concentric and overlapping rings.  Ancient, stone ruins, still floating after centuries of disrepair, pay homage to the ancestors of the native people.

Cybera Edit

Main article: Cybera

Cybera is a floating nation, cloaked for centuries from the world, and (former) home of the Cybers.  It was once three times the size of Angel Island; now, after years of warfare that scattered or killed its inhabitants, little remains besides Cyber City, its capital, containing the Temple of Cybera and the Meteor Crystal .

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